Cardis Consulting, L.L.C., specializes in consulting to the industrial lubricant and lubrication industry. With over 30 years of experience and 60 registered U.S. patents, Dr. Angeline B. Cardis is a recognized expert in the science of lubrication technology and issue resolution in a wide variety of industrial lubrication applications. Of particular note is Dr. Cardisí extensive experience in the field of Wind Turbine Gearbox Lubrication.

Dr. Cardis is an experienced Expert Witness and uses her in-depth experience to clarify and analyze technical claims involved in litigation.

Cardis Consulting provides its clients the opportunity to resolve industrial lubrication issues quickly and efficiently, saving valuable project time and reducing overall cost. Our primary objective is to create long-term customer relationships. We provide access to the best science available to solve problems and to help our clients operate effectively, thereby preventing technological failure in the future.

Working with Cardis Consulting, enables our clients to avoid hiring permanent staff for special lubrication projects. Cardis Consulting works with existing staff to provide lubrication expertise, along with specialized training in lubricant technology to further maximize our clientís resources for the future.


We offer our clients the best science has to offer to solve problems and avoid lost productivity through our expertise in the field of lubrication technology. We provide better, safer and less costly solutions to industrial lubrication issues as well as ongoing support to maximize our clientís resources for the future.

Expert witness for lubricant and lubrication issues.
Expert in lubricant additives, industrial lubricant formulation and performance testing, synthetic lubricant base stocks and synthetic lubricant formulation.
Specialist in lubricant effects on micropitting of gears and bearings and testing of lubricants for micropitting resistance, with special emphasis on wind turbine gearbox lubrication.
Providing consulting expertise for lubrication problem analysis and problem solving.
Offering tutorial seminars on lubricant additives, base stocks, formulation and performance testing.

Contact Information:
350 West Front Street
Florence, New Jersey 08518
Cell: 609-923-5559
Email angiecardis@comcast.net

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