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Hofmann degradation of beta.-hydroxy ammonium salts. II. 4-Hydroxybenzylisoquinolines and 4-hydroxyaporphines
Haresh Doshi, Angeline B. Cardis, J. Kenneth Crelling, Stephen I. Miller, David R. Dalton, David E. Zacharias, Jenny P. Glusker; J. Org. Chem.; 1987; 52(12); 2604-2608.

Gear Oil Micropitting Evaluation A. B. Cardis and M. N. Webster; AGMA Fall Technical Meeting; Paper No. 4; 1999 and Gear Technology; September/October 2000; 30-35

Micropitting Resistant Industrial Gear Oils with Balanced Performance P. Brechot, A. B. Cardis, W. R. Murphy, J. Theissen; Ind. Lubrication And Tribology, 2000; 52(3); 125-136

A Short Procedure to Evaluate Micropitting Using the New AGMA Designed Gears Dr. Kevin J. Buzdygon and Dr. Angeline B. Cardis; AGMA Fall Technical Meeting; Paper No.7; 2004

Industrial Gear Oil Foam Control Dr. Angeline B. Cardis, STLE, 62nd Annual Meeting, Phila., Pa, 2007 Presentation and Abstract

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