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August 2004 to June 2006
Consultant with ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties, Customer Technical Support Group, Paulsboro, New Jersey, Investigative Analysis Coordinator
Apply advanced laboratory technology to determine root cause of complex customer problems involving mechanical systems using ExxonMobil lubricants. Propose steps to solve the current problem and avoid future issues.

May 1985 to Retirement November 2003
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (formerly Mobil Technology Company), Paulsboro, New Jersey September 1990 to Retirement - Team Lead, Industrial Lubricants Formulation and Development. Provided technical leadership to a group of scientists and engineers developing new industrial lubricants, with emphasis on advanced synthetics. Primary responsibility was industrial gear oils. Developed industry leading micropitting resistant synthetic gear oil for wind turbines and other severe applications. Also provided leadership in metalworking fluid, thermal oil, and heat transfer fluids. One U. S. patent issued for invention of non-toxic, biodegradable industrial gear oils.

May 1985 to September 1990
Group Leader, Additive Synthesis. Provided technical leadership to a group of four Ph.D. chemists and three B.S. technicians in the synthesis and development of new additives to enhance the properties of lubricants and fuels. Over 55 U. S. patents issued as a result of this work.

May 1980 to May 1985
Mobil Chemical Company, Edison, New Jersey, Additives Laboratory Manager Supervised a B.S. Chemist and two technicians in development of plant processes for manufacture of lubricant additives. Developed a process for overbased calcium phenate sulfide and a high pressure process for direct sulfurization of olefins to produce commercial gear oil additives.

December 1976 to May 1980
FMC Corporation, Agricultural Chemicals Group, Insecticide Synthesis Chemist Responsible for synthesis and testing of new pyrethroid insecticides. One U. S. patent resulted from this work.

September 1971 to May 1975
Teaching Assistant, Chemistry Department, Temple University.

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